Glog instructions



What is a Glog?

Glogs are digital posters.  You get to choose the graphics, pictures, text, and even sound you want to include in order to express your ideas.



What information do I put in my Glog?

Remember that you are still trying to convince the parents of the school to let the students use the Internet in school.  You want to include


Each member of the group must assist in the creation of the glog.  As a group, decide upon the font, background, art, and information to include in your glog.  Be sure to check your spelling and grammar!



How do I make a Glog?

Check out this Glog that explains how to make your own glog.







If you answered YES to all these questions, you're READY to make your Glog.  See your instructor and she'll get you started.



:-)    Have FUN!    :-)