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Glog instructions

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What is a Glog?

Glogs are digital posters.  You get to choose the graphics, pictures, text, and even sound you want to include in order to express your ideas.



What information do I put in my Glog?

Remember that you are still trying to convince the parents of the school to let the students use the Internet in school.  You want to include

      • the information you found in your research (the answers to your questions)
      • wall (background) 
      • graphics (clipart) 


Each member of the group must assist in the creation of the glog.  As a group, decide upon the font, background, art, and information to include in your glog.  Be sure to check your spelling and grammar!



How do I make a Glog?

Check out this Glog that explains how to make your own glog.





  • Is your research done?
  • Have you answered all your questions?
  • Did you read the glog that explains how to make a glog?



If you answered YES to all these questions, you're READY to make your Glog.  See your instructor and she'll get you started.



:-)    Have FUN!    :-)



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