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     Etiquette refers to the conventional requirements of social behavior - how we are supposed to act in given situations.  You know the rules of proper etiquette in your day-to-day experience: always try to be as nice as you can be.  But do you know the rules of proper "netiquette" - how you are supposed to act online? Sometimes you can hurt other people's feelings online accidentally.  It's time to learn how to correspond properly online so there is no miscommunication--or worse! 






1.    Define netiquette.


2.    What is the basic rule of netiquette?


3.    Name two things you should remember about being online that are related to netiquette.


4.    What is a flamewar?


5.    Why should you stay away from using all capital letters?


6.    Why is it easy for there to be misunderstandings in online conversations? 


7.    What is an emoticon (smiley) and why would you use one? Give at least 2 examples and explain what they mean.


8.    What should you do before forwarding personal emails to others? 






  computer workstation       Resources     computer workstation


BrainPOP: Watch video under Digital Citizenship called Digital Etiquette


Wise Kids Guide to Net Etiquette


Netiquette for Kids


Message Board and Chat Room Etiquette 




Attitude Overdrive Video



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