What are you supposed to do?


      You have been selected to defend the use of the Internet to the parents of your school.  It is your job to prove to the parents that you and your classmates understand how to be safe on the Internet.  You only have one chance to convince them that the Internet should not be banned from your school.  Your class will be divided up into pairs and each pair of students will research Cyberbullying and one other aspect of Internet Safety: Netiquette, Social Networking, or Information Privacy.  When your research is complete, you and your partner will present what you learned to the class, and create a glog (a digital poster) about cyberbullying that will be displayed in the school.    


     Remember, you and your partner are trying to persuade your parents to vote in favor of allowing the Internet back into the school.  Work hard to convince them that you know how to use it safely and responsibly and why it is important to do so.   







What are you responsible for? 










Each student will be responsible for completing the following items:



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